As we all know, homeless people are present in every major city, and they are something which we all try to push back and forget, until someone we know gets in problems with banks, debt, gets deprived of his own home due to foreclosure or some other kind of event. Reasons may be different, but the reality and the future for those people is pretty much the same – no roof, no bed and no shelter, just life on the streets and fight for every single meal and the will to live another day. Fortunately, our country provides a lot of help to these individuals and there are multiple programs and associations which deal with this problem directly and they offer their services to these people. Homeless people can use shelters where they have beds and toilets, and they also have access to public kitchen and regular meals, which keep them safe from cold and hunger.

However, some places seem to have more homeless people than others do, and it is often very hard to give a simple and precise answer to this question. Many factors may be included into this equation, and we need to look at a very wide social picture to grasp all necessary elements and relevant facts. When it comes to San Francisco homeless population, official statistics for last year say that there were 6.686 people by the general count, which means that people with permanent and temporary homelessness were included.

Many people refer to this number as “the shame of the city”, but this number is in fact lower than the official number of homeless people in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle or D.C. But, when it comes to density, San Francisco has a relatively small size of it urban area, with only 46.9 square miles. This lack of space has caused the fact that only New York City has more homeless people per square mile – 211, while San Francisco has 149.

Some of the reasons behind San Francisco’s problems with homeless people is that they are so “visible” and present on the streets, and this in fact can be dedicated to number of reasons. One of them may be the fact that authorities and civil services in the cityare not dealing well with this problem, and this is perfectly illustrated in fact that there is only shelter for 2.000 homeless people at the moment, which makes only the third of the overall homeless population. Other cities have much better “coverage” when it comes to these numbers. Also, the city is located on the warm West Coast, and the great weather is one of the reasons why homeless people come here in the first place. They are safe from freezing, and it is not too hot in the summer either, and they can remain in the street with no serious fear for their lives.

Also, the bohemian nature of this city and its notorious drug culture have also perhaps contributed to the rise in the numbers of homeless people, but this theory is very hard to prove, just like the rest of them dealing with San Francisco homeless population.

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