Project Homeless Connect SF

Project Homeless Connect SF Jannat still remembers falling in love with California. She was 11 years old, and her dad was a guest conductor at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Growing up, she always had a roof over her head and enough to eat. And yet, a failed surgery and 14 follow up procedures left Jannat permanently disabled. At the age of 60, she found herself homeless in San Francisco.

Jannat came to her first PHC event in September 2015. She describes meeting Ian, a PHC staff member: “He was like a port in the storm,” she says. They worked together and built trust over time. “Every time I called, he always called me back, and he was always encouraging,” she says.

Through PHC, Jannat got new glasses and a vision exam. When she told Ian that she didn’t feel safe showering at the shelter, he gave her the schedule for the Lava Mae bus, which co-locates with PHC every week at Civic Center.

Because of her hard work, and with support from the PHC team, Jannat found a new apartment this year. To celebrate, Ian helped her fundraise through HandUp to buy move-in supplies, and create her home.

PHC is “a perfect example of how services can provide immediate basic survival needs of the people that live on the street,” Jannat says. She’s still grateful to be indoors, where she can write and make art and start reconstructing her life. She says that PHC gave her the accountability and structure she needed to change her life.

By donating to PHC, you help create a “port in a storm” for the thousands of people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. Please consider donating today, and helping people like Jannat find the care and support they need to move forward.

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