Home Remodeling Company in Las Vegas Works to Help the Homeless

Homelessness in Las Vegas

People have traveled to Las Vegas for generations in the hopes of making a fortune only to be left homeless and dejected. Many of these people are addicted to gambling, alcohol or drugs and literally living in the sewers. Some spend their lives living underground while others emerge during the day to panhandle on the streets, look for food in the trashcans and dumpsters and hope to find discarded winnings, cards or tokens left behind by the gamblers. Some have attire suitable to pretend to be a guest a hotel while searching for money.

The homeless in Las Vegas lead a transient existence and are subjected to muggings. The rainwater traveling through the tunnels leaves them at further risk. Many have lost their possessions and some have drowned. The water can rise as much as a foot in just one minute. According to statistics, one person drowns in the tunnels every year but people continue to take the risk because they have nowhere else to go. The city and the healthcare industry provide very little help for the homeless in the sewers. Law enforcement does not become involved unless a crime has been committed.

The Clark County Detention Center

The Clark County Detention Center is overcrowded with minor drug offenders. The homeless are impacted by substance abuse, mental health disorders, unemployment and gambling addictions with few treatment options. Nevada is currently at the top of the list for the number of homeless within the state. Homelessness is more than not having anywhere to live. Homelessness is classified as living anywhere there is no stability or safety such as an overcrowded room in a cheap motel. The homeless in Las Vegas include families, youths, children and veterans.

The homeless population of Nevada was 10,566 when this article was written. The food pantries help as many as 4,500 families every month. Some of them are homeless. The estimate is 1.8 percent of the population of Clark County is homeless. Considering there are 34,397 residents, this number is staggering. The lucky ones sleep in a shelter, the rest sleep in sewers or on the streets. Most of the homeless are white men, middle aged and between 51 and 60. Veterans make up approximately thirteen percent of the homeless and 71 percent were living in the area when they became homeless.

Reviving Vegas donates to Homeless Population in Las Vegas

Reviving Vegas, a home remodeling company in Las Vegas donates a percentage of their time to helping the homeless problem in Las Vegas. Reviving Vegas is a kitchen remodeling, bath, and home remodeling company in Nevada. They have been operating in Las Vegas since 1991. They are located at 6981 Bodega Point Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89113. Their phone number is (702) 844-9090 and website is RevivingVegas.com Contact Andrew Puerta for more information and for a quote on a kitchen remodel or custom cabinet design.

Some people became homeless when they lost their jobs and many were forced out of their jobs due to mental health issues and medical conditions. More than $100,000 is spent by the state of Nevada every year to remove the homeless from the sewers of Las Vegas. Hundreds of hypodermic needles are removed from the sewers monthly containing traces of the drugs, hepatitis C and HIV. The rates for hepatitis C, HIV and tuberculosis are higher for the homeless than the general population. Las Vegas has been working to help the homeless veterans with new programs. When a veteran shows identification and requests help, housing procedures are initiated. Some veterans have refused to accept help and continue to live on the streets.

Las Vegas also has approximately 2,200 homeless youths. Nevada has been ranked fourth nationwide for the number of homeless youths. These youths are trying to survive on the streets with no shelter or help. The homeless issues in Las Vegas are serious and even as the city tries to find answers, more and more people are living on the streets and in the sewers.

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