Dear PHC Family

Dear PHC Family,

Several weeks ago an elderly gentleman came into our office in tears. Through his sobs he told me all of his belongings had been stolen, including the only picture he had of his late wife. I asked if I could hug him, and he collapsed in my arms. After a few moments he looked at me, his face stained with tears, and said, “I haven’t been touched by another person in years.”

What makes PHC unique is that personal touch. It is a place where each person, no matter their housing status, belongs. Together, we say: we see you. We know that homelessness is an experience, not a permanent label. We’re here to help.

Your donations go directly to targeted services designed to help our participants move forward. Will you give today, and help us touch even more lives?

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and donors for believing that all people have value, even if they don’t have a home. Thank you for being our partners in change.

It takes us all,

Kara Zordel
Executive Director
Project Homeless Connect

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